veröffentlicht am 25.01.2018

Last weekend the TSC organized karting for the students. Read this report of one student’s expierences and you find yourself being part of the thrilling races.

Saturday, 10:45 am. The first students from the university Duisburg-Essen meet each other at the Daytona Kartcenter in Essen, Germany. I was also allowed to register and started talking to some fellow students, e.g. Finnish exchange students, about the following event. Today, 13 race drivers are going to participate in two races of 20 minutes, including two qualifyings. Considering the fact that there will be a pace car introducing the first lap for a following “flying start”, a taste of formula 1 appeared.

At the beginning, there was a briefing. The race management center briefly explained some principals and came forward with a very good proposal: The first qualifying would take 10 minutes instead of 5 – perfect to warm up the kart and especially the tires and to impress significant corners of the track. This led everyone to his own racing line and speed. Keep that order in mind, otherwise it might hurt on the track.

Then, a short break after the first race. I just see happy facial expressions everywhere – including me. If you generally like the speed and being on the move, this kind of sport will thrill you. You will be led by your ambitions while improving your racing line. You will set your breaking and steering points more precisely. You will sense that you can take that long left curve with full throttle just to break hard for a reversement. And then, you will always have a look at your rival.

It’s exactly him who you are talking to during the break. You find out that he has the same attitude when it comes to the racing. We get along almost brotherly. However, he will be my rival with the beginning of the second race once again. And by the announcement that everybody has to take the same kart he was driving by in the first race (as the lap times are secured for each one individually) I felt my motivation to beat his lap times. It turned into a hard two-horse race with lots of changes in leadership. Every opportunity has been used to overtake, every failure while driving would be punished. Unfortunately, a multiple crash was not avoidable as I could not sidestep the kart that turned around in front of me. After a short gesture of saying sorry for that, I got closer and closer to my rival, but the crash cost too much time. There was therefore a difference of just one second to my rival – I became the second once again.

Finally, a photo of the presentation ceremony was taken as well as a group photo. And finally, it did not matter whether you became the first, the second or the last because we had all such a nice time. By that I also want to reveal those participants who really aren’t petrolheads and especially those ones who have never been karting before. Thanks a lot to Melanie and Francine from the TSC for the assistance and moreover thanks a lot to Stella who organized and therefore enabled the event. At the end, I saw my rival off. It was a fascinating and fair duel that will be surely repeated. To me, it quite felt like Hamilton vs Vettel – which leads us back to the formula 1.

– Thank @ Georgios for writing this report 🙂