A trip to cologne

veröffentlicht am 01.02.2019

I couldn’t imagine a better start for our international exchange and erasmus students than an exciting trip to one of germany’s most famous cities: Cologne.
We (around 60 people) made this unforgettable trip on the 7th of october. It was a beautiful sunday,
first we had an 1.5 hour guided tour that showed us the most important historical places in colonge. We also recieved information and stories, that some people, living in cologne, didn’t know.
Once the tour was over we went to the famous Rathaus Platz, an amazing gathering point, there were alot of good restaurants to choose from.
after that we went inside the famous colonge cathedral.. wich was literally breathtaking and a must see.
At the end we decided to end our trip with a visit to the secound biggest Brauhaus in Germany, where we had one of the most delicious beers ever made.
What a great start into the semester!