Europe day on the 9th of may | Europe week 4th of may to 12th of may #Europawählt

veröffentlicht am 06.05.2019

Every year on the 9th of may the European Union celebrates the Europe Day. Background is the so called Schuhman Declaration of 9th may 1950. Five years after the second world war Robert Schuhman proposed the pooling of French and West German coal and steel industries. Therefore the plan, which focussed on “Peace and freedom in Europe through working together”, marked the beginning of the European Union and layed the cornerstone.

Additionally to this day the Europe week takes place from the 4th of may to the 12th of may, with the motto: “Europe: common values, common Future”. All over Europe there are many events sourrounding the Europe day, to celebrate freedom and unity.
You always wanted to know, what work the different Organisations and institutions do? You are still uncertain what and who to vote for on the 26th of may at the elections? You want to participate in the Women’s March in Berlin? Or you want to inform yourself about the demonstrations “One Europe for everyone”, which will take place in whole Europe? Maybe you find an event that ist interestingfor you! You find all dates with the corresponding links political education or directly on the Homepage of the European Union.