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Sprachtandem at Uni DUE

You want to improve your foreign language skills without institutional pressure and completely for free?

Then take part in our Sprachtandem (language tandem). Sprachtandem means that two students with different mother tongues meet to learn the other person’s language, expand their linguistic competence and take a glimpse at another culture. What you want to learn and at which pace is up to you, without any outside pressure!

Usually Sprachtandem is centered around conversation, but you are the boss, or rather the bosses. By setting your own emphasis you can also incorporate written assignments, vocabulary learning and grammatical exercises. The greatest aspect is the authenticity of what you learn; Sprachtandem gives you the chance to learn informal language (yes, even swear words). Therefore a Sprachtandem is really beneficial as preparation for a foreign exchange.

This method of learning is really fun. It ensures that both partners learn in a very relaxed way, which makes the outcome even more effective.

We help you find a tandem partner and we are also there for you if you have any questions.
Benefit from the advantages of tandem-learning!
For more information visit www.uni-due.de/sprachtandem – here you can also register for the program!

Office Hour Duisburg

Monday 2 pm – 4 pm
room SG 122
phone: 0203 / 379-2608
email: sprachtandem [at] uni-due.de

Office Hour Essen

Wednesday 2 pm – 4 pm
room T02 S00 K17
phone: 0201 / 183-3921
email: sprachtandem [at] uni-due.de

Certificate of international competence

Participation in the Sprachtandem is also creditable for the Certificate of international competence.

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