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International Stammtisch

When was the last time you thought outside the box?

Been a while? No problem, we organize an international Stammtisch every month, giving you the chance to do exactly that: Think outside the box, widen your horizon and have a good time together. This is where students from all over the world get together in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange experiences and meet new people.

The Stammtisch is a typically German tradition: A relaxed get together at a bar with friends or colleagues having a beer or two, chatting and simply letting the evening come to a calm end (among students it might not be as calm 😉 )

Of course you can also reactivate foreign language skills which is known to be easier with a bottle of beer in one hand. “Internationalisation at home” is what happens here – acquiring international and intercultural competence should be possible for every student no matter whether or not he/she is an exchange student. Also, the international Stammtisch is a great preparation for your stay abroad.

We, the tutors of TSC, are also there – not because we have to, but just to have a nice evening with you guys.
So, come to the Stammtisch! Whether you are a student or an alumni, in company or by yourself, we can‘t wait to see you there!
By the way, there is one Stammtisch in Duisburg and one in Essen, but it is definitely worth paying the neighbor city’s Stammtisch a visit. Some of you have travelled half the world, why not change the city from time to time?

Stammtisch in Duisburg

In Duisburg from 8 pm:

4th Oktober 2018
8th November 2018
6th Dezember 2018
24th Januar 2019
21st Februar 2019

at Ocho, Neudorfer Straße 36-40, 47057 Duisburg

Stammtisch in Essen

In Essen from 8 pm:

4th Oktober 2018
18th Oktober 2018
15th Novmeber 2918
13th Dezemmber 2018
10th Januar 2019
7th Februar 2019

at Punto Latino Kopstadtplatz 24, 45127 Essen *NEW LOCATION*

Questions? Just send an email to sina@tsc-due.org in Essen and hazem@tsc-due.org in Duisburg.

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